Yogatriggs Heath Module – healing at the grassroots level.

Yogatriggs Module is a non-invasive ALTERNATE THERAPY for Wellness Management and to maintain the homeostasis of the body. The success of the Yogatriggs Health Module, is its ability of selecting and blending the appropriate systems of medicine, without compromising on the authenticity of each individual system. It was initially designed to address the healthcare issues of professionals and employees working for IT, financial and other multinational companies, realising the fact that these individuals undergo a lot of physical & mental stress on account of their demanding jobs. Stress causes the body to produce toxins in the internal organs at various levels. In addition, lazy lifestyles and poor eating habits make people feel very lethargic. Yogatriggs reduces the stress and restores the balance & harmony in life.

‘Yogatriggs’  means triggering of the major chakras (endocrine glands) to achieve perfect body rhythm. In fact, it is an approach that integrates disciplines to accelerate the speed of the required result. At the workplace, fitness translates into creativity, positive mental attitude and ability to perform time-consuming tasks efficiently. The whole science of Yogatriggs Health Module is  controlling of the Pancha Koshas, Pancha Bhoothas and Pancha Pranas with a unique method of practice. In fact through this unique module we can  re-engineer one’s body and mind at the microcosmic level or nano level. It can be practiced anywhere at anytime in 45 minutes and can burn more than 500 k/cal without producing much lactic acid in the body. The mastered knowledge can be utilized throughout life. Consistency of practice will reduce the aging process also.