Consultation content:

A detailed evaluation is done with regard to present state of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, nutritional and sociological well being and present lifestyle. A complete picture of the person helps in deciding the best module for the person.

The individual programme is then designed by incorporating the best that each System of Medicine and Complementary Therapy can offer to the person. Our programmes are thus person-oriented and need based rather than system-oriented and general.
  1. Body constitution assessment (Prakriti)
  2. Stress level auditing:
  3. Identification of heredity
Health Module Content:
  1. Improves intra-inter cellular communications
  2. Individual bio-system correction:
  3. Resetting of psychic centres (Chakras):
  4. Synchronization of Body and mind:
  5. Food correction as per Prakruti
  6. Herbal support to rectify imbalances
  7. Special care to the sex related problems:
  8. Techniques to combat RSI / CFS / BOS
  9. Counselling
Our entire focus is person-oriented rather than system-oriented. Our emphasis is on the Prevention of Illness, Early Intervention and Health Promotion.
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