Dr Jose  MD(AM), Ph D, PGDY,YIC, is a known Physical Culturist and the person behind the  Yogatriggs Health Module (YHM). He started training in Yoga, Body building, weight lifting  and martial arts from the age of 15. In his quest for more knowledge, he has trained in various other holistic disciplines like hatha yoga, acupressure, pranic healing, shiatsu and naturopathy. Dr Jose has mastered Yogic Science  and other Alternative Medical systems from various universities. His creative sense and the practical knowledge of Marmas (pressure points) in the human body helped him to develop this unique health module. The Yogatriggs Health Module has been widely used in India and abroad and has been appreciated very much by the western communities for its simplicity and high effectiveness.

According to Dr Jose, “ what I want to teach you is “Art of Survival”. Whether it concerns our health, or work, on this earth it will always be a case of ‘Survival of the fittest’. Since I believe ‘health is wealth’ I want to share my thoughts or knowledge so that more people can enjoy  this ‘wealth’.”

Dr Jose has been conferred with the International Humanitarian Award for his work on this unique Healing system in 2006. He was invited to present his papers at various International Conferences and seminars in India and abroad.