Wellness Management through Alternative Therapy

Everyone experiences stress in different ways, in everyday life. Situations arise suddenly that throw you off balance. Personal relationships, a difficult work atmosphere, driving on busy roads or children, can cause strain. Stress causes the body to produce toxins in the internal organs at various level. In addition lazy lifestyles and poor eating habits make people feel very lethargic.

Yogatriggs exercises reduce the stress and restores the balance and harmony within the body.

Yogatriggs is a discipline with a scientific background. A philosophy of life that teaches you how to concentrate and focus your mind, improve your muscle tone, invigorate your internal organs and correct your food / sleep habits.

“Unite, co-ordinate and energise" by proper integration of body, mind and soul. This is the mantra of Yogatriggs. This innovative concept is a blend of Hatha yoga, martial art, acupressure, pranic healing, naturopathy and ayurveda. In other words it is a holistic, non-invasive, integrated approach to address any psychosomatic disorders of this modern life style.

Yogatriggs procedures produce powerful results: an invigorated body, increased stamina, high level concentration and a feeling of total harmony and well-being.